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Our SSAE 16 standing ensure we are certified and reliable. This service is on behalf of involved attorney(s)/lawyer(s).
We are in full compliance with SSAE 16 protocols, attesting to our rigorous standards of organizational and quality control. SSAE 16 certification meets the requirements of public companies and assures all clients that transactional data is held in a secure environment, accessible only to authorized users.
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Case Name
Adams v. Ceramic Decorating Company, Inc.
Adams v. Marketstar Corporation
Aldo US Wage and Hour Cases
Alvarado v. Foothill Child Development Services, Inc.
Apodaca v. Staffing Systems Wage and Hour Cases
Begin, et al. v. Khosa Corp. dba Country Waffles and Olvie Tree Country Waffles
Bradford v. Kadima Security Services, Inc.
Brown v. The E.W. Scripps Company, Inc.
Campos v. Black Eagle Trucking, Inc.
Carrillo v. Sierra Trucking, Inc., et al.
Castaneda v. The Ensign Group, Inc.
Cociu v. David Yurman Retail LLC
Del Campo v. Hometown Buffet, Inc., et al.
Dennis v. PlaneTechs, LLC.
Doe v. C.P. Food Inc., et al.
Elson v. Covey Auto Express, Inc.
Friedrich v. La Vaquita Corporation
Funez, et. al. v. GMG Janitorial, Inc.
Garcia v. Best Overnite Express, Inc.
Garcia v. Global Force, Inc.
Garcia, et al. v. Frosty Ridge Orchards, LLC
Gaspar v. SuperShuttle Las Vegas, LLC
Gonzales-Garcia v. Firefly Westside, LLC.
Gooding v. Vita-Mix Corporation dba Vitamix
Goodwin v Winn Management Group LLC.
Guzman v. Market Refrigeration Specialists, Inc.
Hillman, et al. v. Lexicon Consulting, Inc.
Hugues v. The Morning Star Trucking Company, LLC, et al.
Huguez, et al. v. KKW Trucking, Inc., et al.
Husein, et al. v. Bravo Brio Restaurant Group, Inc.
Ibarra v. KSI Metals
Isidro v. Rowe Farms, Inc.
Lederer, et al v. Urban Home
Lee v. Kamerycah, Inc.
Linares v. Personal Touch Cleaning & Maintenance, Inc.
Littlefield et al., v. Jackpot Joanies T.J., LLC, et al.
Liyanage v. 4JR Enterprises, Inc.
Magana-Mead, et al. v. LKQ Corporation, et al.
Maor v. Paramount Country Club, LLC
Melendez v. Fastaurants, Inc.
Mendoza v. Apple Eye Orchards, Inc.
Montoya v. MMP Orchards, LLC
Moore v. Grace GCCA LLC
Munyan, et al. v. Nationwide Medical, Inc.
Nesbitt, et al. v. Montecito Water District
Nunes v. California Dinner Entertainment, LLC
Orozco v. Cotton-On USA, Inc.
Ortiz v. American Casino & Entertainment Properties LLC
Pawelsky v. Summit Entertainment Corp d/b/a Gentlemen's Quarters
Perez v. Nestle USA, Inc.
Perez v. ValleyCrest Landscape Maintenance
Perez/Hernandez v. Oasis Farms, Inc.
Piña v. Con-Way Freight, Inc.
Podell v. Alexander Wang Global Retail, LLC
Ramirez v. Gilbert Orchards, Inc.
Ramirez v. Valley Roz Orchards, LP
Ramirez v. Wyckoff Farms, Inc.
Reyes v. Waste Management, et al.
Rhom v. Thumbtack, Inc.
Rhue v. Premier Salons, Inc.
Robinson v. Paramount Equity Mortgage, LLC
Ruiz v. Towne Air Freight, Inc.
Sandoval v. M1 Auto Collisions Centers
Serrano & Carrillo v. Valley Inventory Services, Inc.
Silva, et al. v. Washington Fruit Administrative Services II, Inc.
Steeger v. Petsmart, Inc.
Stevenson v. Vanguard Security Services, Inc.
Thompson v. Costco Wholesale Corporation
Torres v. Salinas Farm Labor Contractor, Inc.
Trager, et al. v. Bebe Stores, Inc.
Trejo v. The Simmons Manufacturing Co., LLC
UniFirst OFCCP Settlement
Velasquez v. Continental Processors, Inc.
Villalobos et al. v. Calandri Sonrise Farms LP et al.,
Walsh/Stein v. Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Warren v. Food Fetish, Inc.
White, et al. v. RBD Staffing, Inc., et al.
Williams, et al. v. Claim Jumper Acquisition Company, LLC, et al.
Woodward v. Mission Healthcare Services, Inc.
Zsibrita, et al. v. City of Los Angeles